I have been trying to assist my new weaver friend to get her vintage foundling Orco 74 going well. No directions or diagrams came with it. The question then is how to configure the rear brake to do it's part to tension warp. The previous owner had used a spring and a heavy cotton cord. The path of the cord is not evident. There is no ratchet and pawl system included. I can't find images of this part of the loom to use as a template. Can someone provide directions or images?



Without a picture of the brake parts, it's hard to comment. You may want to contact Great Northern Weaving in Kalamazoo, MI; they sell Orco. Or Kessinech looms; they make them now, but may not have made your older loom.

Jo Ann

Did you get an answer to your problem? I just set up my Orco 74 over the holiday weekend and I can take a picture of mine if it will help.


I would love to see a picture of the brake setup on a Orco 74, please! I have pulleys, hooks,  a cord and a long spring. My loom is missing the handle for winding the warp and setting the rear tension? The rear drum fits tightly in the rear housing, no room for a sprocket like the front. Help, I’m itching to get started. We have a grandchild on the way! Thank you!

d fuller

G'mornin Joann,

We have not satisfactorily resolved the issue.   Your photos of what a correctly rigged brake tension aparatus looks like would surely help

Thank you for offerring.