The goal of mixing color to achieve the color wheel is two fold; 1.)get the colors and 2.)learn how to get the colors.  I think that you learn from all trials, especially if you keep them organized in a place where you can study them, like a spreadsheet on

This means that no dyeing, data should be discarded, no matter if it is different from what you intended.  You might just learn something different.

It also means that you have to spend time studing your results.  I find spreadsheets are great for this.  In one moment I might want to arrange the results in order of increasing Total DOS, then I might want to see them in order of increasing % of fuchsia.  Others might learn from your work.  Dye and study.  It is not enough to dye alone.

Anne, do you want me to start a spread sheet for your 7 red trials or do you want to organize it yourself?  Be sure to include your target Munsell Notation.


Anne Vincent

I'm using one I tweaked from the one you were using online last Friday.  I'll neaten it up a little and try to post it later today.  I have to be out this morning, but hope to dye this afternoon.

Karren K. Brito

I made a blank spreadsheet for your mixing results.

Copy it and put in your results; there is room for up to 3 pure colors in your mix.  Share.  Study others results.  Get smarter faster.

Anne Vincent

I've downloaded it and have been using it today.  I'll try to post my results this evening.

Karren K. Brito

I did see your spreadsheet but the Munsell  Notations were missing.  We need the results, as in the Munsell Notations, to be able to learn how the colors work and interact.  Could you please add them to your worksheet.

Also there is a misplaced decimal in the DOS of one navy-- its listed as 3.60%.

Anne Vincent

I had an error in the formula for the Total DOS cells that has been corrected-hence the error in the navy notation under Trial #3.

The Munsell notations for the target and result are on the far left side of the sheet.

Karren K. Brito

I see the Munsell Notations now.