I found this auction on ebay for a magazine article:


Its to make 12 inch square carpet tiles to make a South American style carpet. The cover photo shows a backstrap loom and there is also a photo of a man at a wooden floor loom, but from the diagram it appears to really be about weaving a carpet square on a cardboard loom, with a strange set up involving  a serrated edge to hold the warp threads and sticks/wooden bars placed through the warp at intervals.

Anyone any thoughts on this?



suzyhok (not verified)


This is very interesting.  I don't see the relationship between the backstrap loom and the diagram.  Perhaps there were other articles in the booklet too. Are you going to order the booklet and get a closer look?


Caroline (not verified)

Its already sold, grrrr! Perhaps the buyer may come on here looking for help, because that diagram bore no relation whatsoever to a cardboard loom, a backstrap loom or a regular loom! Its not something I've come across before, but I'll recheck some of my off-loom weaving books.

fleurdefibre (not verified)

 If looking for something written about weaving on cardboard, I remember an article published in Spin Off magazine a few years, maybe 2 years ago, about weaving around a cardboard box in order to make a bag..  Pretty nifty, with good instructions.

Anybody with a subscription can check it out.  Or maybe check the back issues.. 

And, I also do miss the Ravelry buttons under postings.


djfiberarts (not verified)

This looks pretty neat, talking about using a cardboard box.



I guess to make a bag, you could weave the open end of the box and the opposite side and put them together. Sounds good. Think I'll try it. You'd have to get a sturdy box and not make the warp too tight or the box would cave in.


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