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This isn't a specific weaving project, but it is a about a new tool that I'm using for every weaving project.  Hope you don't mind. 

As a new weaver, I've been learning as I go.  The lovely people here have been helping (thank you!) as have various web sites, and on line videos, not to mention our ever increasing weaving library.  All of those are awesome.  I don't remember seeing this idea elsewhere.  Please let me know if this is old news. :-)

I enjoy the weaving, more than I enjoy the setup.  Throwing picks just seems more fun to me than threading heddles.  Or combing yarn as I wind it on to the warp beam.  Not exactly my cup of tea.  So I've been trying to avoid both of those where I can, and reduce the drudgery of them where I can't.

As far as I can tell, weavers thread their heddles, then they sley their reeds.  I've found that threading a few and then sleying a few, in alternation, reduces the number of errors I make in threading and sleying.  It seems to break up the monotony and I don't find the setup quite as imposing when I split up the tasks. So I've been threading eight or sixteen heddles, then sleying them, then I go back to threading the next group. 

Doing this required the reed to be accessible. Keeping the reed in the beater, in front of the heddles made threading the heddles more difficult.  Laying the reed on the table left plenty of room for threading, but made sleying less convenient.  For one project, I propped the reed up at an angle on some books.

The reed ramp is a little tool that holds my reed in a convenient position; out of the way of heddle threading, and yet ready for reed sleying.  Perhaps you'll like them too.   In the photos, you'll see that the reed is held at about 45 degrees, and is below the eye of the heddles.  I've made ramps for both ends of the reed, and they store nicely on the bookshelf when they aren't in use.  

Let me know what you think!

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