I posted on my blog and put up pics of my first potholder rug. Enjoy



Caroline (not verified)

This would be a good way of re-cycling fabric! A bath mat made of re-cycled t-shirts should be nice and soft for the feet. It would be colourful too. You wouldn't be so much making a very large project, as doing lots of little ones, and it'd be full of memories too, a game for the little ones at bath-time.

kbird (not verified)

This forum has truly opened my eyes!  I have been revisiting the thought of potholder looms, when I ran across one at a garage sale, and actually went a purchased new loops for it.  Stupid me!   I had not run across any of the ideas I am seeing here!  Why didn't I think of just using yarn or fabric strips?

Caroline (not verified)

Thats why I like little looms, they are so versatile. They  make good samplers for bigger projects, but they are serious looms in their own right, and only limited by your imagination.

Noreen has some fantastic ideas on her blogs.

Have you found Jana Trent's site yet?


Many of the patterns on there can be adapted for the potholder loom too.

You know you are hooked when you see clothing and start imagining it in strips, lol!

kbird (not verified)

I have heard of the site, but I had never really explored it... Guess I have my work cut out for me!  I like the idea of felting weave-ette squares...