I completed 4 more color trials for our target 5R 5/12 today, made the chips, did the Munsell notations, then photographed them.  I wanted to photograph my successful color chip against the 5R chip on the Munsell color wheel.  When I did that it didn't look quite right.  I took the chip off the color wheel and placed it next to our 5R 5/12 chip on the 5R page.  Lo and behold our target is actually 5R 5/14.  My chip from our Trial #2 is 5R 5/14.  It would make sense for this to be the chip on the wheel as this is the lightest value of the brightest chroma.  I'm going to check the rest of them before proceeding.  Here is the photo:


Karren K. Brito

Good. Now to the yellow side.

Mary Rios (not verified)

woo hoo! big accomplishment!!

dancingfish (not verified)

Anne, great work.  I'm curious which of your last four trials ended up being the successful 5R/12 match? Even though that ended up not being our target, I'd love to know for knowledge sake, and I'm wondering if it was the 0.5% navy combo.



Anne Vincent

My Trial #5 chip is 5R 5/12.  The formula is: 2.2% DOS; 66.5% Scarlet; 32.5% Fuchsia; 1.0% Navy.  This is on silk paj.

I have 5YR 7/12 surrounded, but need at least one more stab at it to nail it.  Hopefully, tomorrow.  One thing is for sure - it is taking me more than the average 5 tries for a professional colorist!

Mary Rios (not verified)

Anne, Consider yourself "above" average!

In my last class, i averaged 10 skeins, others did it 5 -