Kilim Pattern: Hands of Goddess, Bird Head

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<p>We're sharing patterns from the new book we have in the works on weaving
patterns of Anatolian Kilims. This book will contain over 70 patterns
taken directly from kilims, with each pattern shown in the kilim weave
and in a grid, with documentation of style, area, materials, and date.<br />
<br />
Each pattern we are sharing is provided as a PDF you can download and print.
These may be printed at different sizes to use for weaving kilim-style,
tapestry, cross-stitch or beading.<br />
<br />
This month's pattern is the Hands of the Goddess, also known as
Double-headed Snake and Bird-head. According to our kilim expert Steve
Araby of Araby Rug in Falmouth, Maine (<a style="color: #456144; font-weight: normal; text-decoration: underline;" href="" target="_blank"></a>), this is an ancient pattern from the area of Van in eastern Turkey near the Iran border.</p>
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Jan 15, 2013
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Photo of Steve Araby Rug
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