Hi Gai! Uhmmm, sometimes just consider it a design element!  Assymetrical is good, then you will know which way is right side up :)


Congrats on moving forward on the oveshot placmats. I didn't pay attention when changes were made, and wound my warp too short, so I had to scavenge more warp yarn, and put a second warp on the loom to finish my obligation. And then get this, I wove my own placemat in the wrong color! I had some gold on the shelf and my gold in a bag somewhere. Used the cone on the shelf, oh duh! They are close, but one is greener, one is more yellow/brighter. Some day, I'll put one more warp on and weave a few more, in the right color. And I still have plenty of warp yarn left if you need some more.


As far as life being too short for using inferior materials. Yup! Junk in, junk out. I am starting to cull some of my screaming deals from when I first learned to weave...seemed like a good idea at the time. Now that I know what I like to weave, well....IF I haven't used it in 11 years, not sure I will. Some of the stuff can be overdyed in my copious spare time. Some I wouldn't wish on anyone, so in spite of my recycling is good and waste is bad, into the trash some is going.  Kind of like the "free" fleeces, that aren't worth the work, and probably won't give a nice handspun. Maybe for rugs. And those drop spindles that discourage folks from spinning, since they think it's them, not poorly designed, but often very pretty items.


Oh, I digress....Jerri




Hi Jerri, Welcome to the group!! I have committed anohter Weave Fail with inferior materils- more old breaking yarn . It is so hard for me to throw away something, it feels so wasteful. The last time I cleaned house I gave alot of things to people on Freecycle. It is a Yahoo group that tries to recycle things instead of having them end up in landfill. Anything I have given away has been so gratefully recieved=- even the DVD player that the dog broke!! So that is where my reject yarns are going- and I have a few cones that I have had for 10+ years too!! Time for them to find a new home. XO Gail & Fog