I just bought a used Harrisville Loom Model T/6. The cord system seems fragile and is not staying in place. Have anyone ever replaced the cord system on a loom like mine with the Texolv? Looking for someone with first hand experience. Thanks for your help. Pam Bell</p>




I updated my 4 shaft HD loom with Texsolv for the cables on the shafts- Worked really well and no "jumping off" of cables now..


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I am new on here, & not sure I'm doing this correctly - but here goes!


I have a handmade Swedish style 60" 8-shaft countermarche loom. I've rebuilt a great deal of this loom in the past few years, since buying it. Many changes have helped make it work better & better. But I'm still struggling with my shed being narrower than it should be. 


I read somewhere that length of heddles can make a difference to the shed. How do I know what length of heddles my loom should have? They are currently very long!


I would really appreciate any help on this... I m on my last hope, before I decide to sell this loom & move on.


Without knowing how llong "very long" is, it's hard to say whether yours are too long or not.  Most looms of this type use heddles about 10".  If the heddls are too long, the shafts can't move enough to form the best shed.  Many times, someone will change the heddles to longer ones in the belief that this will imporve the shed, but more often the opposite happens.


I bought an old HD that needed some TLC including replacing the shaft cordss. I searched the web and came across someone who used heavy plastic coated fishing line and it worked great. I did have to crimp my own ends and measurements were critical, but worked out great. I do hear great results from folks who choose to go with texolv for most looms, if that helps. Good luck, let us know what you decide.  ALSO, you could just contact HD and order their pre-made cords. 


If you have not already, just contact Harrisville.  They sell all the individual loom parts, and the cord is rather unique as it splits in two as it goes over the top pulleys.  They are not very expensive to get new ones.

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