I'm new here and not sure at all if this is the correct site to post this.  I have just purchased a new Glimakra Julia eight-shaft countermarch loom from Glimakra USA.  It was the last one they had with none coming available until February or so.  So i bought it although i originally wanted a 4-shaft counterbalance.  I'm not completly a novice weaver but i have never put a new loom together before.  I was so intimated that it stayed in the shipping boxes for several weeks. . . It is together at this point minus a warp, but i have a rather big problem.  The ratchet catches the end of the pawl and won't advance. I've checked the assembly instructions and it appears i followed them correctly, so i am not sure what i've done wrong.  Would very much appreciate your help.  Thank you, Lynne


loomroomcat (not verified)

I can take a pic of mine and post it for you, if you'd like.

Joanne Hall

The screw as used in the past, has been replaced with a bolt, so it is different from the older Julia looms.



I have a 2 phillips-head screws to attach each pawl and two tiny washers plus a nut for the end of the screws.  I've emailed Sarah with the picture, and will phone her tomorrow.  Thank you Joanne.



Thank you to both Joanne Hall and Sarah of Glimkra USA for helping me solve the problem.  As i suspected it was completely MY ERROR.  I had the black spacers on the wrong side of the beams and Sarah pointed that out to me just from pictures.  Awesome problem-solving since we are on opposite sides of the country and Sarah was able to make a diagnosis only from pictures.  I am so grateful to everyone at Glimkra for helping me.  I love my little loom already!

Best regards,


Weaver Lady


I have been trying to get my Julia up and running. I cannot for the life of me remember how to tie everything up. It seems like I have it strung backwards. It has been a long day. If you could look at the pics and give me advice I would greatly appreciate it.



Your picss are kind of garbled.  I have countermarche looms, but I can't figure out what I'm looking at there.  An overview would be helpful.  Joan Hall's book, Tieing Up a Countermarche loom is very helpfull.