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This was started as a challenge to make a bag of some sort using primarily handspun - spun by us and not purchased from another spinner. I got the weft spun and got the warp on the loom and about 5 inches woven and then came to a stop. I resurrected this for Halloweave. My goal is to get the fabric woven and hopefully maybe even get the bag sewn together - how's that for noncommittal!

10-10-21015 - Got about 7 incehs woven this evening. The bag saide are fairly loosely sett since i don't want it ti felt too tightly. I want a fairly giving fabric for the bag sides. The green yarn being used on for the bottom is being packed a bit tighter so that it will be a bit stronger. I am waiting fo r my camera to send the pic I took this evening to the cloud so I can get it resized and posted.

10-20-2015 - the end is near!

10-2-2015 - I finished weaving the fabric. Haven't cut it off the loom yet. I'll decide if I am going to do that tomorrow - or I might just keep weaving this warp to the end then cut everything off at once.

10-23-15 the fabric is off the loom.

10-24-15 - the fabric is washed and is now hanging to dry

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