So excited! Finally have the loom up and adjusted and have begun to weave the pattern I've been drooling over (in Weaver's Delight, by VAV) for years. I'm a slow weaver and this process is slower still, but suits me. And I adore this Oxaback loom! My daughter suggested I play with some venne cotton. It is fun.



Way beyond me, but absolutely beautiful!


Magnificient. Good to see your breaking the new loom in. :)

Missus T.

ShawnC, I've never even imagined drawloom, but now I am thinking, heck, yeah!  Is that a variegated weft yarn?  Any surprises with drawloom weaving? I bet you can't wait for each new weaving session to start.

In other words, neato!





Thank you everyone! MissusT, go for it! Yes, it's a venne variegated yarn. My daughter really liked it so I wove the first part of the pattern in it. She'll get this piece of cloth when off the loom.


Surprises? Well, everything takes me longer these days, and not knowing this loom, it took me quite a while. But reading Sara Van Tresko's book and watching the Vavstuga drawloom video, it really helped to get it to come together. But time, even once set up. It is Slow Cloth for sure. But so much fun. I have to leave for DC tonight for my dad's service at Arlington, which will be wonderful, but will be anxious to get back home and get busy.


up and weaving pretty quickly, considering how much goes into a drawloom.  Lovely first design.  It must of been thrilling for you to see it start to grow under your shuttle. 

I have been able to resist the call of the drawloom but every once and a while I get to looking at what can be woven on the them and think - hmmm, will it fit in my house?


Thanks, theresasc. It felt like forever ;-) It is quite fun to see the pattern develop. I transferred the design from the book to large graph paper to make it easier to see.


I hope you find room for one. It really is a joy!



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