finally making some progress...

I am finally moving along on lesson one in Lavernes book. Whew!! I have had so much that I have been trying to juggle, and today I just threw everything aside and gave me some down time. So, today I spent trying to figure out lesson 1 in Andean Pebble weave. I am determined to get through each and ever lesson and master this art - even if it takes me a year (which I REALLY hope not).
I started lesson 1 a couple of weeks ago, but I kept messing up and my pattern wasn't turning out, so today, I started over (recycling my threads). I finally figured out what I had done wrong now that I had a clearer head. My cross sticks were placed in wrong - I don't think I could even begin to explain why - so don't ask. ;)

So... I am moving a long. I will take some pictures later - I promise to show to let you know my word is true.

But, at present, I have a question. I get the hang of picking up threads for each shed. I was wondering if it would hurt anything IF I created two string heddles for each shed? My guess is that it wouldn't, but because I am so new and green around the gills regarding weaving, I thought I would at least ask. I feel like I am asking a dumb question, but so be it. I really want to move faster then "picking" out each shed each time

I would appreciate anyones input.




If you move along in the book just a wee bit you will see that the warps in the two pebble sheds are put into string heddles. Look at the part entitled "shortcuts". The first band is explained as pick-up only so that you get lots of practice at picking up warps in both colors before moving on to making patterns. 

Glad to hear that you have had a chance to play with this and make your own conclusions and discoveries.