Cyber-Fiber class proposal

Here is a list of the information needed for a class on Cyber-Fiber.

Class Title

 Class objectives (2-4; outline style) and description. 

Please include pictures to demonstrate the class.  Weavers are very visual and tactile folks.

 Level of experience:

  • Any/all
  • New weaver
  • Beginner
  • Advance beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Experienced weaver

 Dates including beginner and ending time

 Number of sessions

 Total hours/session

 Number of students (maximum is 5 with video, 20 with audio only but able to view anything you do)

 Proposed fee (teachers receive 60%)

 Required materials

 Teacher bio (I just need this for your first class)





Please be certain to include if a webcam is REQUIRED in your Materials required for class.  I have gotten this question often from members attending the Open House.




Please email your completed proposal to me at [email protected]

Make certain you check the Cyber-Fiber calendar when scheduling your class.  The link is here: and can also be found on the classes page on Weavolution.



Still a little unclear Claudia.  If I am using my webcam as an instructor the class size is only 5 maximum?  Or do you mean if I am actually streaming a video presentation?  If the presentation is mostly PowerPoint/audio, with an occasional live demonstration is it still only 5?


Six is the total number of people than can transmit video in one meeting; so with the teacher on video that means that only 5 students can transmit video.  More can join if they are not sending video; they see and hear everything but only participate via audio.  So you can lecture to a group as large as 20 but you can only see what 5 students are doing.