Here is a list of the information needed for a class on Cyber-Fiber.

Class Title

 Class objectives (2-4; outline style) and description. 

Please include pictures to demonstrate the class.  Weavers are very visual and tactile folks.

 Level of experience:

  • Any/all
  • New weaver
  • Beginner
  • Advance beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Experienced weaver

 Dates including beginner and ending time

 Number of sessions

 Total hours/session

 Number of students (maximum is 5 with video, 20 with audio only but able to view anything you do)

 Proposed fee (teachers receive 60%)

 Required materials

 Teacher bio (I just need this for your first class)




Claudia Segal (not verified)

These are the basics, feel free to add more if you like.


Claudia Segal (not verified)

Please be certain to include if a webcam is REQUIRED in your Materials required for class.  I have gotten this question often from members attending the Open House.



Claudia Segal (not verified)

Please email your completed proposal to me at [email protected]

Make certain you check the Cyber-Fiber calendar when scheduling your class.  The link is here: and can also be found on the classes page on Weavolution.


Daryl Lancaster (not verified)

Still a little unclear Claudia.  If I am using my webcam as an instructor the class size is only 5 maximum?  Or do you mean if I am actually streaming a video presentation?  If the presentation is mostly PowerPoint/audio, with an occasional live demonstration is it still only 5?

Karren K. Brito

Six is the total number of people than can transmit video in one meeting; so with the teacher on video that means that only 5 students can transmit video.  More can join if they are not sending video; they see and hear everything but only participate via audio.  So you can lecture to a group as large as 20 but you can only see what 5 students are doing.