The Complex Weavers Lace Weaves study group is beginning a new year. The topic will be Bronson structures and Bouquet laces. If interested, see

Deadline to join is Jan. 1, 2010.


Lace Weaver (not verified)

The deadline to join will be Jan. 31, not Jan. 1. Kathleen

lkautio (not verified)

Both spot and lace bronson?

Laurie Autio

Lace Weaver (not verified)

Yes, any kind of bronson the weaver wants to do.

cazzidee (not verified)

I am newto this group. What do you doin the study group? Lace weaving is my interest.

Lace Weaver (not verified)

To join the lace study group you must be a member of Complex Weavers. See this website for more info

The group has been active for the past 5 years, and we are just beginning the second cycle of 5 years of laces. You are most welcome to join us.


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