Use one color thread in a textured pattern. What color value would be your priority to showcase the pattern design?

I just took my fabric off the rigid heddle loom. It is my first pick-up stick project and created warp floats as the pattern. I like the fabric, but the texture pattern does not display as well as I would like. My blue is a muted gray shade of blue. The floats that show best are where the yarn lightens. In viewing examples of the same pattern, at first I would have used the word brighter to describe those hues. That is not it. Clear or pure colors? 

Project with warp float

Other examples:


Erica J

Stacey Harvey Brown recommends really light colors and generally uses ecru in her textural weaving. It is very effective, especially if you are using a texture that involves a lot of shrinkage and therefore depth. 


Have you wet finished it yet?  It might change it in unexpected ways...


Shrinkage from wet finishing will cause depth. You are right. I had not thought of that dimension, only length and width. Wet finished today -hot water, mild soap, mild swish and squish. It changed the fabric very little. Yarn was 80% merino wool and 20% silk.

Stacey, the recommendation of ecru is good.  I have seen waffle weave kitchen towels in white and in ecru. The design was prominant in both. Would the value to consider be saturation or a solid hue?

Erica J

I did my waffle weave was cloths in natural colored organic cotton,

I think mostly you would want to start with tints, which have white added.

As for getting the depth you probably want more aggitationews because you want a lot of shrinkage to create the depth. If I remember correctly using a more open beat will also allow room for the wefts to pull in and help create depth.


I would like to weave a float sampler in a tint, a pure color, and a shade. I do not have a stash. I have questions before shopping.

To test whether color effects the detail of floats do the 3 yarns need to be the same hue? The same weight? The same yarn?

If not the color, then it is the beat and the wet finish.


For your color dilemma, I just read about a solution in a color theory book. 

Use, oops, in the planning stages a color gamp, using rainbow colors + a sub color, as a color study guide for the project, to see what works best. 

I am glad I found it. I have the same problem as you have, on a previous project. 


My weaving teacher told me texture shows up better in light colors because shadows show up better. I also take black and white photos of my yarn choices to see which colors will stand out.

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