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Beautiful dishtowel Sally. Nice to match plates you have. Like the pattern in stripes. Many possibilities in the pattern. Is it a huckaback? Couldn't se the wif. Weavers Exchange is a good and new idea to me.

sally orgren

Weavolution has fixed the missing code. If you click on the .wif file, it will automatically download to your computer, and you can then open it in your own weaving software. (Be sure to open your software first, then direct your software to open the .wif file on your desktop. If you just click on the .wif, sometimes your computer doesn't automatically recognize what software it needs to opens the file.)


<p>Based on information gleaned from Dorothy Burton's&nbsp;<em>Versatile&nbsp;Bronson</em>&nbsp;book. Designed for dishtowels to match a new set of every day plates, and to be used for the Cross Country Weavers Exchange 2011 focused on Bronson.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

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