Hello - I've been looking at the blomqvist/nordiska catalogs online, but I don't speak Swedish. There are some projects I'd like to do, but i can't tell if they're just selling yarn or the weaving instructions too. Google transaltor helped a bit but left a lot of words in Swedish. The projects are absolutely stunning! Does anyone know if they are selling weaving drafts for the projects? Thanks so very much if you can help! MM


Ellen (not verified)


I just had a look at their home page, and as far as I can see they don't sell drafts alone. only if you buy the whole package, including ready made warp, and that seems a bit expensive.

missmuffet (not verified)

Aha thank you! The catalog is for pre-wound warps and complete kits?

Ellen (not verified)

as far as I can make out, yes. I actually got hold of one of their catalogs once many years ago, and like you thought many of their projects looked really tempting, but dropped the idea for that very reason. But you can still get inspiration from their pictures, can't you?! :-)