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Week three of the Backstrap Weaving Key Fob WAL..... pick-up and plain weave. Most of my work is about pick-up patterns and I wove the piece on the left in 60/2 silk using a traditional motif of the Guarani people of lowland Bolivia where I live. And then I went to the other extreme and did a couple of fobs in plain weave. I love the ''threaded-in'' types of patterns, like the one on the right, where you can set-up for dots and combs and stripes right there on the warping board and then weave off a lovely design in plain weave in no time.

The center fob is my favorite as it is something that is well within reach of any begnning backstrap weaver....warp-faced plain weave and simple warping. One of the members of the WAL had the idea of weaving a slit into her band which she used as a buttonhole. She then passed the end of the band through the split metal keyring, folded it, sewed a button to it and buttoned the fob together. I loved this idea as I had a few pretty buttons that I had been hoarding.

So, I warped for plain weave in black and used two ends of white on each edge. I like the way that looks with the contrasting black weft and the button suits it well, I think.





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