Looking for a pattern that would be suitable for newborn babies and durable.

Using 8/2 unmerc cotton with a 20 epi sett. Loom has 8 shafts and 1000 heddles (next project will use 6 shafts and almost all the heddles)

Would plain weave be ok? Or is there a twill that works well for towesl and stays soft?




Michael White

Hi, Cheryl said to tell you there is a books here call Weaving for Babies.

I do not know if she still has this book.


Weaving and textile craft books - I/2 off retail

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Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving, Davenport, Betty; Paperback $12
A Handweaver’s Notebook, Alderman, Sharon; Paperback, library discard, $9
A Handweaver’s Workbook, Thorpe, Heather G.; Hardback, library discard, $3
Handwoven Design Collection 14: Weaving for Baby; Paperback, $2
Navajo Weaving Today, Schffler, Nancy N.; Paperback, $6.00
Warp and Weave, 5th Edition, 1971/1979, LeClerc, Robert; Paperback, $2
Weaving: A Creative Approach for Beginners, Creager, Clara; Paperback $5
Weaving: A handbook of the Fiber Arts, 3rd ed., Held, Shirley; 1993 Paperback $30

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