preparing sample gamp, this is the first draft to understand  satin and how to design with it using warp and weft faced, final product will also include half units, working within a 20 shaft constraint, used additional 4 shafts for selvedges.  At 30 epi, the design is very small within the cloth. photo to follow under my projects after I've played a bit more. 

After a bit of reflection this draft is ALSO me trying to figure out if the wif function is useful on Weavolution!

note 1  I am using a pegplan which will allow me much more design options, the draft entry program only allows me to enter a # of treadles and not the words peg plan so I am just entering 24 to enter something

note 2 wif upload only allows a tie up wif, not a peg plan, don't drive yourself crazy trying to understand the tie up, I'm really using a lift plan

Number of Shafts
Number of Treadles
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