I found this article at the Arizona weaving archives.


It details how to do a couple of 4 shaft weaves on 2 shafts without pick-up sticks or anything to create an extra shed. Its basic, but adds more to the rigid heddle repertoire, without any special techniques having to be learned. The patterns are on the last page.



claudia (not verified)

 Thanks Caroline, that's an excellent resource.


claudia (not verified)

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I weave too (not verified)

Thanks Caroline!


I have the 20" Knitters' Loom and love it! I am always pushing the limits, and I find weaving 4-shaft patterns on the 2-shaft rigid heddle isn't that complicated, and it's fun! I'm always eager to learn more and see different techniques to help solidify the concepts in my brain.


There is also a good book I found on eBay about 4-shaft patterns using 3 heddles, seems kinda overkill at first, but very understandable and powerful, you can weave ANY 4-shaft pattern this way. I bought the book and found it to be really worthwhile.




If this link isn't live anymore, just search on eBay for [Book 'Weaving With Three Rigid Heddles', Heddle] as this is the exact title the seller uses, and he puts the books up on sale frequently.


Have fun!

Erica J

Hello all. I've scoured my weaving books and the internet for how to create a 2/1 twill on 2 heddles. This is a simple 3 harness pattern, but every time I think I've got it down, I seem to just confuse myself. I should probably just jump in and finish warping my loom and see what happens, but I'm terrified of doing it wrong! I've got the basic concept down I need:

a thread that goes through the back slot and the front hold

a thread that goes through the back hole and the front slot

a thread that goes through both slots.

I even know how to manipulate or "treadle" the heddles once the warp is done. Here's my problem I have a thread that my sources say should be sett between 12 and 18 epi for a twill pattern. I have 8 epi heddles and 2 10 epi heddles. I understand if I used the normal threading for two heddle I get twice the density, but it look to me like this isn't exactly the normal 2 heddle tie up. So I have 2 questions.

1) when threading the back heddle do I need 2 or 3 threads per slot initially?

2) what will my epi be 1.5 times the heddles epi or 2 times or somewhere in between?

Thanks for any help that can be given!



jenadina (not verified)

This is a good question. I hope someone pops in w/ the answer! I have something on my loom now, or I'd thread it up and count myself, because this is a question (#2, i mean) I have as well.

I think for #1, I would put 1 thread in the first slot, then 1 in the hole, then 2 in the next slot (and every slot thereafter).

Caroline (not verified)

Erica, it might be easier to use one heddle and string heddles for the extra shed. That way you would warp up 1 in the eye and 2 through the slot, then pick up one of the slot warps and put it on the extra heddle. If you put the warp for the 3rd shed through the eye of the second heddle, and the warp for the first 2 shed through the slot it should achieve the same result, I think - need another coffee to check that makes sense, lol!

francorios (not verified)

Actually that makes sense.

Two threads through slots. One of slot threads on string heddle. One thread through heddle eye.

Don't put two threads through the eye.

Have a good day!

claudia (not verified)


What have you worked out? Can you give us some pictures to see where you are with doing the 2/1 twill with one heddle and one string heddle? My loom is empty and crying for something new. Let me know how it's going.



I just now found this post.  I’m looking for ways to convert 4 shaft patterns to rigid heddle.  It was mentioned this process did not need pick up sticks or anything to create an extra shed.  The link to the file is no longer active.  Does anyone have this same information available to share please?  I’m considering getting rid of my 4 shaft loom....not enough room to keep it.  Before I do so, I’d like to know what’s available to do on my rigid heddle looms.  

Thank you,