If your project is wider than an exact number of sections should you modify it or is it ok to have partialy filled sections at either side?   Is there a problem with striped warp face projects and sectional beams or does it just need careful winding?



Partial sections will be a mess.  You need to recalulate for a whole number of sections.  This is one reason I don't care for sectional beams.  They do some things well, but if you many different types of warps, I find them  pain.


If for example your warp width does not fit into your available sections because of the epi youcan always go wider. So i.e. you need to warp a width of 41" and you have a two inch sectional. Recalculate and add an extra two inch section on each side of the warp. So you might be beaming 40 ends per section as opposed to 46 in *each* section on your beam BUT you'll be sleying 42". Your warp which actually weave better wider than straight on. You cannot go the other way, narrow on the beam and wider in the reed.

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Thank you for your reply. My sections are 1" nominal but in practice the actual gap between the metal hoops is 7/8" so unless I design the piece myself using someones elses draft would mean recalculating everything everytime. Is that correct? 


Yes, which is where the comment about different warps came from.  Many people who love sectional warps use the same warp (often carpet warp) at the same sett and threading all the time.

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