Clever Clamp for WIF 'n Proof Treadle Tracker

cell phone clamped to Louet Jane

Richard created this clamp from two devices from Amazon and sent me this photo of the Treadle Tracker on his Louet Jane 8 shaft table loom.  Pretty easy to tap the screen when changing the levers for the next pick.

The parts he used are a cell phone tripod adapter ( ) and a binoculars clamp ( ).  

I’m sure a similar combination could work for almost every loom.



Posted on Fri, 08/18/2017 - 23:32

Thank you!!!!!  I am doing a complex, asymetric twill with about 120 picks/pattern.  I downloaded Weaveit with treadle tracker to cope with this (it's too narrow to put on the dobby), but I have to stop and touch the phone to advance.  I was looking for way to attach the phone to the beater.  I think this will work very well.