I'd like to welcome everyone who decides to join this group! I would also like to thank everyone who attended the classes, you all grwatly improved my learnjng experienceand inspired me!

Finally, please feel free to use this topic to ask follow on  questions frok the class!


dizzyspinner (not verified)

Hi Erica and all.  Thank you for doing this and I shall be keeping an eye on it.  Truly was an inspiring weekend - must do it again sometime - maybe late 2015 or early 2016....Time will soon go by!!




Hi Erica and everyone. Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and looking forward to finishing the piece. Jane


Thank you Erica - I too found the 'meeting of minds' aspect of the weekend very rewarding, the willingness of people to share made the whole thing a brilliant experience.  

I've had a busy day, but now, post supper, I'm off to do some more work on my sample.  Anna's instructions said to challenge oneself and be brave, so I did just that - perhaps foolhardy might have been a better word, as some of my yarns were so thin they looked like sewing thread!  I wasn't happy with my first day's work at all, so re-sleyed on Sunday morning at 36 epi.  This seems to have had the desired effect, but time will tell..


Hi, I know this was ages ago but I've been reading Peggy Osterkamps book and the weavers smile that was mentioned at the workshop is commonly caused by having the warp too tight. 

That plus a tiny bit of draw-in which there will always be means the weft can't pack down into the warp properly at the edges.

If anyone wants more explanation or a page reference let me know.

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