The Visual Treadle Tracker - Version 3.1 Released

Jane Loom with the Treadle Tracker

The new Visual Treadle Tracker, included in every version of WIF 'n Proof, is shown above on my 8 shaft Louet Jane Table Loom.  The Visual Treadle Tracker displays a simple visual indication of which shafts to lift and easily moves from pick to pick.  The display currently shows between 2 and 12 shafts, and you can choose between Left to Right or Right to Left orientation.  I may consider adding more shafts if there is enough interest.

In addition, the screen indicates the color weft for each pick and your current location within the draft.  WIF 'n Proof also remembers where you are if you leave the app or the device powers down.

A new User's Guide covering all the new features is on the website.  You can download it at

As always, there is no charge for this new feature and the update is automatic for registered users.  Just open WIF 'n Proof while connected to the Internet and wait for the update to complete.

Helen Sandoz

[email protected]