Well, as Gail would say this has been a failed venture for me. I had hoped to warp a sample and weave a couple of tubes but I have been sidelined for 8-10 weeks. No weaving at all. Ten days ago I fell on the sidewalk near my home as I was returning from my morning walk. I did a complete face plant and ended up with a black eye and a scraped knee. I must have twisted my body because my right side has been hurting ever since I fell and getting worse. I saw the doctor yesterday and I have a couple cracked or bruised ribs. Cement is not forgiving. I am not allowed to do anything that involves repetitive motion and especially no weaving. I'm hoping to be able to thread the loom over the next week or two. Then, as I heal I can weave. I am definitely not going to be able to finish anything for this year's Halloweave but I'll work on it as I can. I'll definitely post photos in my Project area as things move along. I'm bummed but it's very painful so I'll follow doctor's orders and take it easy. Best to be safe. Claudia


SallyE (not verified)

I'm so sorry you hurt yourself.  It sounds scary as well!   Take care and rest up.


tomrsey (not verified)

Very sorry to hear about your injuries.  Ribs are very painful.  Rest and read and pile up a stack of projects to do when your abstinence sentence is over.


Sorry to hear about your flip on the ground. Ouch! I've had bruised ribs and you can't hardly lay down or sleep for that matter. Not very fun. Take care and heal up quick.

r1mein54 (not verified)

Ouch!! Also sorry to hear of your disability. I too will say rib injuries are NOT fun. Several years ago I flipped out of a hammock and had landed  ramming my left elbow in to my left rib cage. I cracked a few and could not lay down flat and could only lay on my right side for 4-5 weeks. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


OOWWW.  That sounds so painful.  I am sorry that this happened to you.  I've had those cracked ribs - you cant sneeze, laugh, cough or yawn without pangs.  Here's hoping for a quick recovery.


to hear of your accident. That's a hard way to get out of a challenge! All kidding aside - take it easy, follow doctor's orders and get well soon.       Tina


I certainly hope you feel better soon! You can always look at weaving magazines or read weaving books while you are resting. Sharon


You didn't fail, just a little set back. Well, probably doesn't feel little with an aching body.

jc-threads (not verified)

Hi everyone.  I am new to this group and new to exploring double weave.  My current project is a 4 shaft pattern I found in the Sept/Oct 1997 edition of Handwoven.  The weaver, Manuela Kaulitz, calls it "interlocking double weave as the two layers of cloth are interlocked by warp ends on shafts 3 and 4 that travel back and forth between the layers."  Evidently she wrote an article called "Interlocking Double Weave" in Handwoven May/June 1996 which I have yet to find.  I have an 8shaft David Louet loom and would love to explore this weave on 8shafts. As she explains this weave works really well for weaving rugs on a lighter weight loom.

Is anyone familiar with weaving interlocking layers?  I've looked in several books and haven't found anything, though reading about double weave is its own challenge for me..it makes my brain go fuzzy. 


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