Weavepoint: Treadle the Threading - is it useful?

I've just discovered that Weavepoint hs a facility which means you can get the program to raise the next shaft is the threading sequence. Has anybody used it? I would expect it to be a bit slower but might save heaps of time finding the mistakes and save warp as well.



Posted on Wed, 07/08/2009 - 16:02

Not only can any software that allows a turned draft be used to treadle the threading, the software can be programmed to treadle more than a single thread.


I usually thread 4 heddles at a time - picking them out of a two thread cross. If I use the "use multiple treadle" option, I can reduce my threading draft to 4-thread sequences. I then put those sequences in order in the treadling part of the draft - until a single repeat of the draft has been reached. Then when you advance one treadle, you are putting 4 threads into the heddles - saves time when done correctly.

when ready to thread, fire up the loom and treadle through this special file. The threading sequence is NOT used to weave the pattern.

Posted on Wed, 07/08/2009 - 21:56

I learned to treadle my threading a couple of years ago and it saves time later by not having threading errors  to correct -- especially when you are doing a complex threading sequence. In order to make sure that I am still in the correct place, I watch that the number of threads in my bout (one inch for me) equals where I am in the treading sequence.  My dobby box has a feature that will allow me to save my place when I need to stop, but I always back that up with a note on paper. 

The other real advantage to this system is that you can do it mindlessly.  I listen to books on tape and the time goes by quickly for something that used to be a drudge task for me.

Posted on Thu, 07/09/2009 - 21:09

After reading Sandra's blog, I started selecting the heddles in logical groupings which speeded it up no end as I find a lot of the ime was moving my hands from pressing the dobby button, colecting the heddle, collecting the yarn. doing it in groups divided this by 3 (I'm threading a 3 end huck). Next time, I'll improve it further by setting up the treadling sequence so that I only have to press my dobby button once for a group.