Karren K. Brito

In the plate the dominate color is the off-white or beige in the center.  In the symetrical wrapping the dominate color is the neutral, what is the dominate color in the assymetrical wrapping?  What do you want it to be?


PS :Those are either tiny plates or BIG wrappings!

Mary Rios (not verified)

I think i don't have a dominate color in the assymetrical wrap. Is that what i'm missing?! I'll try again.

Photoshop magic makes the plate the right size!


Karren K. Brito

Here is a wrapping

The left side would be the outer edge and the right side would butt up to the central panel for pick up then mirror this wrapping on the other side. 

I was pleasantly suprised by how elegant the B&W look.  I like the variety in the narrow stripes so I think I will use all of them but in a different order; the blacker ones on the outside near the black border.

Note: When I do a wrapping for a warp faced textile (sett here at 60epi) I only wrap half the warp or just one shed. Wrapping all warps distorts the proportion.  The narrow black band near the black border will have alternating B&W ends just like the central pick-up panel and will have alternating B&W bars when woven instead of being solid black as it appears here.

Next step is write out a warping sequence, carefully.  Then double check it before starting to warp.


This black and white looks exquisite! Really elegant!