I just posted this to the Weaving Forum but don't know if you folks visit other forums frequently so am posting here, too.

I'm going to be teaching a three session workshop in three different approaches to paper weaving, early December at ECHO School in Tiger, GA.  I've done quite a bit of paper weaving through the years.  I always used it in art education classes I taught at the college, but I also had art students in other classes explore the method for various design purposes--worked great in color theory class, for instance.  I also sometimes used it in weaving class to introduce simple structure differences.


My introduction to paper weaving was in the early 1970s from a book called Weaving Without a Loom, by Sarita Rainey.  It's in a second edition now--just found it at several bookseller websites.  I wrote an article about using paper weaving in my own work and also with children that was in the Sept/Oct 1986 edition of Handwoven.  Many artists use paper weaving in their work--José Fumero and Suzanne Pretty, for instance.

The three sessions will each have a different focus.  First day we'll explore plain weave structure in many ways.  Second day's session will involve learning to read (if new to weaving) and adapt weaving drafts as the paper weaving pattern.  Third day the emphasis will be on using photos and selectively cutting and interweaving into those.  The example shown here is from a photo of myself & dh in party clothes, scanned, cut up as warp, rewoven with old Christmas cards, rescanned and then manipulated in one of the Photoshop Elements filters (photocopy filter). 

For more information about the class, please contact Peggy McBride, owner/director of the school and of Globe Gallery at 706-782-0071.  Globe Gallery website is http://www.globegallery.net/




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So how does one sign up??

suzyhok (not verified)


I've looked on both the globe gallery and echo websites and don't see mention of your workshop yet.  Sounds interesting!


tommye scanlin

Suzy... the workshop happened in December 2009!  I think this must be one of the glitches of the new website... perhaps this seemed to be a new addition but I posted it in October of 2009.  Sorry I didn't see your inquiry about this when you asked!



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