I have just joined Weavolution and am enjoying reading all the past posts.

I weave on an 8 shaft Macomber and a 4 shaft handmade loom from the 1950's.

I live in Dublin.

Vicki Allen


Michael White

Hi Vicki, the top of the day to you in Dublin. Cheryl and I live in Penfield, Greene county (Greensboro) we have a number of Macomber looms also. Which you can see here www.handweaver.us Are you a member of the weaving guild in Savannah?


Vicki Allen (not verified)

No. I was a member of Chattahoochie Handweavers but I let it lapse since I could not make the meetings and it seemed to have nothing to offer me.

I enjoyed looking at your web site. I enjoy taking my small loom "Eleanor" with me to reenacting events to demonstrate weaving.

I see on your site that you have a guild forming in the Lake Oconee/Sinclair area. How is that going?