Wheels and roses

By Claudia Segal, 19 October, 2010
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sally orgren

11 years 11 months ago

Talk about getting a LOT of design-bang for your buck with just 4 shafts! What are you going to do with this pattern?

Claudia Segal (not verified)

11 years 10 months ago

i'm not sure yet.  I just loved the draft and, like you, felt it was a lot of design with few floats and only 4 shafts.  It begs contrast like black and white or red and yellow.  I would love to make placemats using this draft.  


Mary Rios (not verified)

10 years 12 months ago

Beware of the 35 end float that this draft create- even if your warp is sett at 36 epi, the float is 1 inch! i'm trying to resolve this now, because i've threaded my loom - and am trying to save the pattern... any ideas?


10 years 12 months ago

(and it has the same on the back, but in the warp)

Sadly, this is not the only draft from handweaving.net that is not weavable as is. I couldn't make it weavable, either, so I made a profile from it. (and went on to make an overshot draft, too)

However - none of them will help Mary, as I could not make it resemble the threading above...


Cat Brysch

10 years 10 months ago

Has anyone tried to put the appropriate tabby in there instead of treadling the row assigned by the draft?  Might that help?  From what I can see of the draft as provided by Mary, it would alter it visually, but would it maybe be worth it?