ISO: Leclerc Fly Shuttle Boxes

ISO Leclerc fly shuttle boxes. I can build the rest of the setup so the size of the loom doesn't matter. If you have the complete setup I could take that, too. Shipping is not an issue. Please email me at pat.a.bingham at gmail dot com  with the subject line "fly shuttle."



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2018 Hand Made Boat and Quill Shuttles

Boat and quill shuttles shown are hand-made and are usually made up of 3 - 5 layers of figured hardwoods, typically combinations of bird's eye maple, tiger maple (both hard maple and Red Leaf maple), maple burl, spalted maple, curly cherry, ash burl, curly white oak, black walnut, buckthorn, birch,  quartersawn oak,  quartersawn sycamore, koa, mango, and honey locust. Shuttles are highly contoured and fine sanded to 2000-grit with 10 coats of finish applied. A 4mm dia. polished stainless steel rod fits standard 4" plastic bobbins, and operates up & down using an internal spring mechanism. The 4mm rod also fits standard cardboard quills.  Quill shuttles have 3.5mm dia. stainless rods. Since each shuttle is hand made, no two are alike, and weight and dimensions can vary. See for further details. The ad shows four types of shuttles that are spares from a custom 2018 summer run. Prices: standard 4" boat shuttles (without pink ivory inlay work) and quill shuttles are $115 each plus shipping.  4" boat shuttles with pink ivory surrounds are $165 plus shipping.  Double boat shuttles are $190 each plus shipping.  Check the Canopus website to see which shuttles are still available. PM me for questions.  Thanks.


Afton, MN
United States
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Standard 4" boat shuttle
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Exbibition boat shuttle - pink ivory inlay
6" quill shuttle: bird's eye & tiger maple
Double boat shuttle: mesquite, cherry, tiger maple, cocobolo inlay