I have too much linen yarn that it's time to get rid of.  Most of it is 16/1 singles, but there are some doubles.  Most of it is Bockens/ Holma Hensingland, but there are other brands in there.  I have grouped according to color and what would fit in a $12.40 medium Priority Mail box.  Paypal only.

This listing is for: Linen Naturals Mixed Lot - $100 plus $12.40 shipping.

5 rolls of Webs Irish 70/2 Natural Linen - 8.8 oz.  I don't think they sell this anymore.  Gorgeous.

3.25 Rolls of Webs 8/2 Natural Linen 8.8 oz

Approximately 8 oz of unknown natural linen (I think it may be cottolin) probably a 20/2 natural.




Ruthie99us (not verified)

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