I have a new to me AVL60inch Compu dobby Production loom. I am in the process of warping it for a 50inch  wide wool warp and  was planning to weave it in Rep to a pattern of Kelly Marshall's in her book Custom Woven Interiors. I think I have overestimated my skill level and have just read that AVL/rising shed looms are not suitable for weaving rugs. I have now read that warp faced, sticky warp (such as carpet wool) are all not recommended for weaving a rug. on these types of loom and that a rising shed loom will not provide sufficient tensionn. I am seeking suggestions/advice on how to best make this work to save the project. Has anyone successfully woven a rug on rising shed looms? Any suggestions would be appreciated. 



I have been trying to weave an alpaca warp on my AVL and almost cut it off.  The AVL does not give a really big shed.  AVL deems the shed to be "sufficient", and I have I have seen text that a large shed was condsidered too much.  There are methods for increasing the tension on an AVL (attaching two weights to the arm), but my my experience is that if you try to really up the tension, it's really hard to advance the warp.  My alpaca warp is very sticky and continues to make wads of fiber that interfere with shed formation.  The alpaca problems are independant of the loom type, but a larger shed could pull these campers apart.

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