Stole Sett (say that 5 times fast)

 MAY BE DUPLICATE.  My original post did not upload, so I'm recreating this from memory.  Do posts appear immediately?  


I am weaving a stole for a friend.  I am a newish weaver.  Everything was going fine until this afternoon when I was leisurely reading Daryl Lancaster's blog.  She sparked a memory of her interview on Weavecast where I think I remember her saying that the sett for articles of clothing should be more dense than the sett for scarves.  This has sparked a bevy of questions:

1.  Did I remember correctly that the sett for clothing is tighter?  

2.  How do you determine the appropriate sett for clothing as opposed to scarves?

3.  For the purposes of weaving is a stole more of a scarf or clothing?  I've worn stoles but never woven one and I think it should be a pretty dense sett.  But since I plan on interfacing it, I'm not sure how that works.

4.  The pattern I have chosen has diamond shapes.  I was taught that diamonds should have 45 degree angles.  However, this lesson was for a scarf.  For this stole, I have meticulously checked this with a post-it note.  But I now I can't decide if the angle changes for a denser weave.  I've confused myself.  Help?

5.  I have assumed that for the diamond pattern the sett should equal the ppi.  Is this correct?  I think this answers question #4.

I've thought too much about this and am beginning to feel like I'm chasing my tail.  I am also afraid that the answers involved a lot of math.  I'm afraid I might swoon (math, 100+ degree heat and disappearing posts could have that effect on me).




You mention that you are a "Newish" weaver, so I wonder if you have gotten into sampling?  This is very important to determine whether your design works and the hand of the fabric is right.  Liturgical stoles CAN be a tad stiffer than an "accessory" but should still drape nicely.

You should make yourself a sample and do all the finishing for it that you plan for your project.  It is definitely NOT a waste of time!

I've been planning a stole for a friend, with a taqueté motif.  My first sample showed me immediately that the draft needed re-working, since the "fruit" looked like somebody had sat on them! (-;

I have NEVER been sorry for the time I take to sample.  On the other hand, I could share some real disasters from my earlier days that resulted from NOT sampling!

Put up a sample warp and try it with different reeds/setts and see which one you like. KEEP A RECORD of what you're doing.

Just for the heck of it...samples that don't find their way into my records book end up being "mug rugs" or "doilies" etc around the house!!!!! (-;

cheers, Nancy C (weaversouth)


 Nancy ,

Thanks for the reminder to sample.  I am guilty of jumping in a little to fast.

I'm still not sure what the final result should be.  

Thanks for you help.


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