sampling together

Anybody interested in a "group sampler?"

Yeah, I know it sounds like a "complex weavers" project, but it would be a fun way to make the fellowship aware of us at "Convergence" and other conferences.

We could agree on a size, threading and each contribute a draft and leave it to the individual to do them across or lengthwise.  It would also be interesting to see who has what shafts.

I think it would be fun.


Nancy C


PS am working a bookmark in one of Lillian's drafts, since I thought of doing this too late to make a design from "scratch" and needed something 8-shaft.   These will be little gifts for my good friends in London who make sure I have the tickets I need for the concerts we all are going to and generally have been just incredibly inclusive and kind to us "colonials" every year.

(I go every year for the last two weeks of the BBC "Proms" music festival and whatever else is going on, musically, and meet my "BFF,"  who lives now in Germany, and some of her family, over there.   Once the Proms are over, we are attending a performance of "Yoemen of the Guard" AT the Tower of London ...I imagine on a stage on the green.  they made sure I have tix for that and I wanted to give the five of them something rather special.)

Group Audience