New member here - I don't hang out on Weavolution very often as I'm more a list person than a forum person, but when I saw there's a Michigan group I figured I'd join it :)


Just wanted to report that the Lake Charlevoix Area Weavers Guild just finished coordinating a towel exchange among 26 up north weavers from Traverse City to Alpean to Houghton.  We wanted to build some bridges among these groups - we're a bit scattered but in many cases not so much that we can't get together!


We had 26 weavers altogether, producing 138 towels (max of 12 per participant).  Some were beginning weavers, some old hands, but the results were awe-inspiring as we looked at the piles on the table at our meeting yesterday.


If any of the participants are reading this post, your towels will be on their way to you very soon, if not already!  Coordinator Linda Van Andel got all your new towels into the right boxes yesterday at our meeting.


I hope we can do another exchange soon!



Boyne City, Charlevoix County, NW lower MI

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