I need the ratchet (the part with the teeth) and the center pin to attach to the end of the back beam of my 21" Dorset loom.  Anybody know where I can buy one? 

Could the person who mentioned the bungee cord solution to create tension on the back beam describe it a little more? I'm trying to picture it.................

Also, I have an answer for the person who wondered why the treadles were tied up (from the left) 4-2-3-1. If you are treadling twill, and want to treadle 12, 14, 34, 23, you will find this a convenient tie-up because you will only move one foot at a time to create the next shed. It is called a "walking" tie-up.

I also would love to know what that extra strip of wood attached with wing nuts to the back beam is for.

Thanks for your help!!!





You asked what the extra strip of wood attached to the back beam is for.  My understanding is that it is used to hold your warp when you fold up your loom so it doesn't get messed up.



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