This seems to be my motto throughout life and now applies to my weaving projects.

I would like to make Christmas placemats for the dinner we have with about 40-50 friends in Mesa, AZ. The weaving doesn't scare me, but winding a 40 yard warp on my sectional beam kind of does. The largest warp I have put on my Model "L" Leclerc was 23 yards. It was not without it's problems, but the tea towels turned out great in the end.

I would appreciate any tips, suggestions, lessons learned from other over-achiever weavers who have tackled such long warps.

Thanks in advance for everything.




Guiding Myth (not verified)

You might consider dividing up the warp - making two or perhaps 4 different warps.  Do you plan to make all the placemats the same?  I would make them matching but different so you can have different warps to look at and not get tired of them.

I am not familiar with your loom but doing at least two warps might make the weaving easier.  Can you really get 40 yards of placemats comfortably on your clothbeam?  

If you had trouble with your earlier long warp you would be better off perfecting your technique on  shorter warps. A long warp is not efficient if you have trouble with it.  Look at this warp as a way to notice and perfect your technique.  Assuming you have the sectional warping equipment and know how to use it - beaming with the same tension on each section, what you probably need is practice.

Stephanie S 

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