Hi there! On my blog http://faserig.wordpress.com I startet a special kind of Weave-Along: it's called Blogging-WeaveAlong ("B-WAL") and everybody who has a blog or uses a photo-sharing-service like flickr, photobucket,... can attend.

The first project will be a pillow and all the realization is up to the blogging weaver himself. So you can chose the materials, colors and techniques as you like it. However you should use a self-woven fabric. Doing your weaving, you write some articles about it in your own blog and post a link in the project-page of my blog (http://faserig.wordpress.com/blogging-wal/b-wal-kissen/), in order to let the other participants know that you have written something.

By now, all the participants are blogging in german, but foreign-language-blogs will be welcome as well and would surely be interesting! Thankfully, pictures are international and all the blogs can be translated by online-translators (okay - the translations are quite funny sometimes). And Posting your short comments in english on the project page is no problem. Of course you could also post your comments here.

The pillow-project starts at the 1st of august and there is now time limit for finishing your weaving. I would be very pleased about every blogger who decides to pariticipate in this new kind of weaving exchange and blog-visiting. :-)



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