Hello! I recently acquired a Binder loom built by WH Binder in Pasadena, CA sometime between the 1930s and 1950s. I have managed to put the loom together and it has all of the hallmarks of a Binder loom (springs beneath the treadles, a front ratchet structure that is the same as photos that have been shared with me) but the back warp beam is strange. Every other Binder loom I have heard of uses sisal rope as a tension/braking system. However, my loom has a cast iron ratchet device on my back warp beam instead. Has anyone seen anything like this or know of other looms with this feature? Worryingly, I still have a spring that I cannot find a place to attach. Any feedback/information would be much appreciated! I tried to add a photo to this post but it is just posting as html- if a photo would be useful I can try to upload again.






I suspect that someone may have gotten tired of the rope constantly stretching and replaced it with the ratchet.  Sisel rope is about the worst thing I can think of to use for a brake cable.

L Noble

I also own a Binder loom, 4-shafts and 45" wide with a cast iron dog & pawl for the cloth beam, and a heavy woven upholstery-type strap with a tensioner on the brake.  It was my first floor loom (an oldie in 1995), and I love how quiet it is, as all the tie-ups for treadles and harnesses are cords (no springs at all).  I've woven many items on it, and the only difficult project was a wool horse blanket that needed so much beating that the brake belt slipped.  The warp beam is probably a yard around and was built as a sectional, although all the pegs were removed and it was converted to a plain beam by the time I got it.  This loom is stained dark and looks like a lot of not-too-special lumber, but it has always been a workhorse.


Jack loom, 4H 6T, they are mostly found as Counter-balance. Have had it for sometime, love weaving on it. Also has the rope brake system. Never have had trouble with it slipping. Yes, I have seen at least one that was converted to wire and spring system. Just a personal preferance on the part of the owner. You can probably search Google or try to repost the picture and someone might be able to help solve the mystery. Good luck.