I just learned how to make bobbin lace, and would like to play with it further, but being unemployed I can't really afford a (new) bobbin lace pillow right now.  Does anyone have one that they're not using, and that I can borrow or buy secondhand?

I'm in Sunnyvale but would be happy to pick up anywhere in the Bay Area.




I have a friend that was interested in learning bobbin lace, acquired all the stuff, and then decided it wasn't for her. Let me check with her--if she still has everything, she might be interested in selling it.

tien (not verified)

That would be wonderful!  Syne Mitchell (of WeaveZine fame) has offered to loan me her roller pillow but I would love to have one "of my very own".


crismera (not verified)

Hola Tien: si estas interesada puedo pasarte por email toda la información para hacer una propia, y por supuesto tengo patrones, libros, etc., porque antes del telar aprendi a bolillar, el tema es que esta en castellano todo. Un saludo y feliz año, cristina

Sara von Tresckow

I've seen directions for making your own - basically a fabric covered straw pillow.

tien (not verified)

Thanks!  I've played a bit with bobbin lace now and have decided it's not for me, but I appreciate the thoughts.

Gracias to both of you!