I have a new-to-me 8 shaft jack loom, maker unknown. The loom uses texsolve to tie up the treadles. I have the loom threaded and some of the sheds look good. With some of them, however, the lower part of the shed is riding above the shuttle race and I don't know wny or what adjustments to make to correct the problem. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



Can you take a couple of photos and put them in the original post or a comment here. It could be several things.


It sounds like some shafts that are supposed to be down are riding up (sticking to) the shafts that are rising.  This is often a problem with a weave structure that puts a lot of the threads on one shaft, like like lace. What kind of heddles are on the loom?  Jack looms usually use steel heddles; the weight helps keep the shafts down.  You may have to add weight, add elastic bands, or just slap the errant shaft down.

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