Hi - Hoping someone can help me with this... 

I have a floor loom that came with a 12 dent reed, but I'm looking to get a slightly longer reed so that I can make a wider rug. I'm fairly new to this, so not too familiar with reeds. Looking to get a 36" - 40" reed, but not sure how many dents I should get. I have 12 already, should I go for 10 dent to get something different? I plan on weaving mostly rugs. Is there a size that works best with rugs? Or will any do, and I can convert from there? 


Thanks for your help,



Robin Murphy

Hi Kimberly - I like an 8 or 6 dent reed for rag rug weaving, I don't care for too much warp with rags. If you are weaving wool yarn, I'm not sure which would be best for that. Happy weaving!

Sue in VT

Hello,  If your loom is 36” wide ( for instance), then you’re able to put a 36” reed on it. You can’t get a longer reed for a loom than it’s macimum weaving width. That said, 36” reeds come in various dent sizes. A 6 or 8 dent per inch means you’re able to thread six ( or eight) ends in each inch of warp. Of course, you can thread 12 ends per inch using a 6 dent reed by sleying 2 ends per dent (6x2=12). Experiencecwill teach you so much!

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