I'm considering buying a Baby Mac. For those of you who own both, how does the little one compare with a big Mac? I own a 40" 8 harness Mac and love it. Thanks.



I don't think there's much of a comparison.  The baby is designed to be a portable floor loom that will fold into a very compact bundle, and is easily moved.  It does sacrifice a lot to meet these ends.  That said, mine performs better than I thought it would, and is the one loom that I have in my house.  I work on when I don't want to heat my studio.  Its major drawbacks are that you can't fold it when it's tied up, and the shafts are so close together that they catch on each other.   I am thinking of replacing it with a small dobby loom.

If I were looking for a very compact 8 shaft loom, I think I would look at a Wolf Pup, which can be folded when warped.  

morgan clifford

I have several Big Macs but I use my Baby Mac all the time for testers, samples and/or smaller projects.  My harnesses never stick and my loom is quite old.


I am so happy for you that you do not have the sticky shaft problem that several people have posted on, and is the reason that mine had big paper clips on the shafts when I bought it.  The point to be taken is that if you are looking for a small portable loom, a Baby Mac is to be considered.  But if you want the performance of a larger Mac, the Baby is not designed to deliver that, and shouldn't be expected to.  The sticky shafts are why replacement is a consideration

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