Please share pictures of your Bergman loom, and include the model number if you can. It will be nice to amass a bunch of information in one place for everyone to source.



It would be helpful to have the instructional video permanently available at the top of this page, as it isn't quite intuitive for posting photos to the Weavolution website.


flamewerks (not verified)

Great information, Tuesday. And what a lovely loom!


I have a countermarche Bergman that needs to be put back together.  When it was transported, it was tipped in order to get it in the truck and the shafts,cords, and string heddles got so mixed up and twisted that I do not have a clue as to how to get this back to working order.  I am in need of great help.

Sally McGuire

Hi, glad to find this site, for sure.  It won't let me look at the pictures though, and apparently somebody posted warping instructions too and I can't see them either.  I just decided to see what I can do with a loom that has been at my house since the original owner died 10 or 15 years ago.  I see it says it's a Bergman Loom, pat Oct 20 '36,  Loom Number 81A.  You already helped me find a part I thought was missing,  the beam across the back-  somebody mentioned it could live up by the equipment box and sure enough it was there!  Anyhow,  I'll see if I can find instructions posted somewhere, and I'm grateful for the tips I found here.  Sally McGuire


I was so happy to find this group. I got my Bergman in the 1980's and did quite a bit of weaving on it. Then other things occupied my time. I am back to the loom and really enjoying weaving again. Here are some photos of my loom. It is 41' wide, 4 harness, 6 treadle with a 36" reed. It has the original string heedles and cloth on the back and front beams. It had original tie up cords until last month when I replaced them with Texsolv. I have old mimeographed instructions and an article on the Bergman's from the Western Viking June 18, 1993. I scanned them and saved as PDF and am unable to load them here. I would be happy to email to anyone interested. 

My current project is Huck and Waffle weave dish towels. I needed to drill a third hole in two of the treadles to accomplish the tie up - scary, but it is working - Huck good - Waffle not so good yet, but I'm still adjusting tie up!

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