Can anyone tell me what the difference is between weaving krokbragd and weaving boundweave? I've woven boundweave and found it slow and very tedious--too many shuttles. I know krokbragd is a type of boundweave, but does it weave a little faster? Do you ever need more than 3 shuttles? Thanks!


sally orgren

I was told by my guildmates that boundweave is a broad category for any weave where one element completely covers another. (So Rep weave is also defined as a bound weave, along with Krokbragd and others.)

Yes, it was a little slow at first, but I made 4 large Krokbragd rugs and it was a great project series. I did get a little deterred in the beginning...the warp sat on the loom for a few (ahem) *years* before I wove off the remaining three.

But once you get the hang of it, it was so cool to control where you wanted that color to appear (on the fly) as you were weaving. I set up a table loom to experiment on before I went to the big loom for execution.

I was changing color so frequently on these projects, I had special rag shuttles made that held a lot of yarn, but were light weight, so I didn't have to keep unwinding and rewinding a few choice shuttles. They were based on a Schacht rag shuttle I already owned. At any one time, I didn't have more than 3 shuttles weaving, but when I was done with one color and ready to add another, I wanted the next shuttle ready to go!


Funny you should ask this question. I am weaving my first ever Krokbragd rug right now. I've woven boundweave and yes it is slow and tedious. I find that Krokbragd is also slow. It takes me almost 45 minutes to weave about 2 inches.
Both weaves make wonderful designs. I am happy with my boundweave pieces and very happy with my 9 inches (so far) of my krokbragd rug. I haven't used more than three colors at once. I use butterflys instead of shuttles, for the secondary colors and a shuttle for my main color. Since the colors are only for a few rows at a time.

I am not an expert in any of these weaves, I've just played around with them. I do enjoy weaving both weave structures.

Sharon Carey

Caroline (not verified)

I have just started Krokbragd on my rigid heddle loom, and have another loom set up for boundweave. From what I have seen so far they are similar in that its the colour progression - the order you throw the weft - that determines the pattern, while the shaft progression remains the same. Yes, its slow going but I like seeing the pattern growing each time I complete a row. I have found that the colours that looked good together in tapestry weave don't necessarily look good in a Krokbragd flamepoint pattern. Changing sheds on the rigid heddle loom is very simple despite it having 3 rather than 2.


i just finished a Krokbragd 40" x 60"

first half took 6 months, 2nd half 2 is slow 

big difference is that krokbragd is usually 3 shafts ( but not always) and bounsweave 4 shafts 


Just finished a set of 3 Krokbragd rugs.  Used 16/8 mop cotton and a sett between 2-3 using a 8 dent reed.  Initially tried a sett of 4 but my weft- also 16/8 mop cotton would not cover- had to re sley.

Knew I had some problems when I noticed that the 8 inches left between rugs had shrunk to about a inch.   Was able to reposition the current rug to re establish my spacing.    

Hemstitched both ends of each rug on the loom- only 2 ends in each bundle. 

Rugs are now off the loom;  have relatively short fringe ends.   Much to my dismay, the weft slides easily along the warp.   Will tied overhand knots in addition to the hemstitching but am doubtful that it will be enough to protect the weft.   Thinking of zigzaging along the ends but that would show up a fair bit on the rug.

Any suggestions?