Hi everyone,

I'm a very new weaver, who is buying a 60" Varpa loom from a woman in my guild. She will deliver it to me, but I have not seen it. She doesn't know which model it is, but it has a hanging beater, and is 12H, if that would narrow it down.

It has string tie ups and heddles, which I would like to change to texolv, and would like to order that now, as the loom will be here in a week and a half, and I would like to be prepared. Does anyone know what size heddles this will take? As far as the tie up cords-shuld I buy the precut cords-are these universal?

I have Joanne's book and Lundel's book already. Is there anything special I would need to know about the Varpa looms that will be different than, say with a glimakra?

Thanks in advance



Joanne Hall

Hi Analeh,

To prepare yourself to put on your first warp, print out these instructions, files 1 and 3 on the countermarch.

Then, plan a two or four shaft test warp.  Plan to weave some towels or other simple weave as a way to get to know your loom.  Don't be tempted to use all the shafts and treadles until you have some experience with the loom.  Have fun.



Hi, Analeh.  Lucky you! No the pre-cut cord kits are not universal -- smart of you to ask.  But the heddles are more so. The 11" (280/12) heddles (white tie) are pretty standard for these non-computerized floor looms. 

I have a 30-something Berga Dalia, made by Varpa, which is essentially a rebranded Varpa Karelia.  It is very similar in design to a Glimakra Ideal, but differently proportioned - a bit taller and deeper. Joanne Hall talked me through a couple of measurements before recommending the tie-up kit for the Glimakra Standard (rather than the Ideal), plus some extra texsolv cord and it worked out very well. On the other hand, the Varpa Finlandia is a similar design to the Toika Jaana (lower to the ground), so maybe a Toika tie-up kit would be better for that.

Send us a picture when you can.  Even a picture of the disassembled loom would narrow it down.

Sara von Tresckow

When we sell the Ulla Cyrus looms with 12 or more shafts, we follow their recommendation for 319/12 heddles to allow for the rise of the shafts as they go to the back of the loom. Otherwise, the shorter heddles get in the way of maximum shed formation.


Thanks for the help everyone. I guess I'll wait for the loom, put it together, and post some photos before buying anything. That way I can maybe figure out which model it is, and which tie up kit I need. 

I definitely plan to warp for 4 shaft towels to get adjusted to the loom.

Sara-thanks for the information on the heddles with a 12 shaft loom-it makes a lot of sense.


I would be interested to learn how you like this loom. Would you mind sharing what you paid for your loom? I am interested in a 60" Varpa Finlandia from someone in my guild. She is asking $1500 and it comes with a lot of other accessories. I found one on Ebay that sold a couple of years ago for $700 US in England. Thanks!

Erica J

I'm hoping your get your question answered soon! :)


When you respond to a post, you should check the date on it.  You are asking about a loom that sold eight years ago.  A good way to judge a loom's value is to seach online for used looms.  There are several sites that are sales forums for used weaving and spinning equipment.  Ebay is another source of information, but many of the sellers on Ebay are selling equipment they are not familiar with and are overvaluing it.  Value depends on condition, the number of shafts, and size.  Smaller, 8 shaft looms are generally more valuable today than larger ones, because of demand.  A 4 shaft Varpa that has broken or missing pieces is going to be vastly different than a 12 shaft Varpa in good condition and complete.